Do It Myself | Unlocking My Millions

You deserve a business education and training that enables you as a woman to grow, celebrate your success, put money into your pocket, and have more time with your family. Welcome to the best approach for your business now and in the future.

Do It Myself | Unlocking My Millions

Is the first ever complete business training designed to unlock and expose the gifts and skills of female entrepreneurship. See your business in a new light. One that allows for fun, play, and getting sh!t done with ease. Included in this course:

  • Unlocking My Millions - Course Access
  • Unlocking My Millions Business Playbook
  • Get Clarity On Your Business Idea
  • Develop Your Brand Voice & Colors
  • Discover Your True Audience
  • How to Set Price For What You Are Selling
  • Who's On Your Team
  • Business Finances To Increase Time & Money
  • Simple Marketing Playbook for Women
  • Insider Secrets of Collaboration & Networking

This training was created for women by women who re-imagined what women need to see, feel, and hear in how to build a business and become a millionaire with grace, confidence, and not having to sacrifice who you are. 

Discover the secret to becoming more confident, increase your time and income while still making your life and family your top priority. It can be done and we show you how. We are giving you training on-demand, worksheets, downloads, and some really useful bonuses. 

Say Yes, and unlock your millions today! 

  • 22 Videos

  • 1 Quiz

  • 2 Worksheets

  • 4 Files

  • Intro & Download Your Business Playbook

  • Believing, Thinking, Feeling Loop

  • Awareness & Self-Discovery

  • Your Business Idea - Creating Abundance

  • Your Brand Voice & Colors - Creative Genius

  • Your TRUE Audience - Deep Connection

  • M.V.P. Development & Worksheets

  • Simple Selling Tools and Done For You Selling Tools

  • The Money Game to Residual Income

  • Marketing and Syndication Playbook

  • Collaboration & Networking

  • Events & Retreats