The Blogging Truth...

It's time to build your own automation system for selling products and services with ease. 

STOP being a slave to social media messenger and posting. Get back your life and your time by learning how to leverage automation and a website. 

This Blogging Ingredients course gives you the recipe and step by step ingredients to become a top earner in your company without having to constantly be on social media. Learn how to create a stream of endless leads and turn a cold prospect into a paying customer and build your team faster. 

With all the privacy issues and fatigue of social media. STAND OUT by doing something different. Learn how to have people search you out to buy your products or join your team. It's all possible when you invest in learn a skill that will be with you always. You can't unlearn this skill, and it will pay you in dividends over time. 

Blogging Ingredients was designed for the busy network marketer. The videos are less than 5 minutes in length, making it easy for you to follow along and implement. As a former chef at Disney, Chef Katrina knows the value of taking the time to break down ideas and concepts so you understand why you are creating a blog and how to leverage it for leads and sales. 

Take this blogging course one bite at a time and before you know it, you will have a website and be blogging even if you think you are tech challenged. This course was designed to give you every opportunity to learn how to blog and leverage automation to build your business and team. 

This blogging course is ideal for those that:

  • Home Business Owner
  • Network Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Have no tech skills but want to learn to blog. 
  • Desire to own their digital online brand and content
  • 50 Videos

  • 0 Quizzes

  • 1 Worksheet

  • 0 Files

  • Blogging Mindset (critical)

  • The Structure of Blogging

  • Keyword Research - Google's #1 Tool

  • Keyword Research - Discover What Your Audience Wants

  • Domain Secrets

  • Domain

  • Site Hosting

  • Setting Up a Website with Ease

  • WordPress Features Overview

  • Post vs Page - The Difference

  • Site Appearance

  • Website Settings

  • Importance of

  • All-in-one-theme for leads & sales

  • New Install of Theme

  • Customize Your Theme for Your Business

  • What To Do Next...

  • Additional Theme Resources

  • Keep Your Site Simple

  • Customize Your Site Menu

  • Recommended Plugins for leads, SEO, and so much more

  • Plugin Maintenance: Keep Your Website Safe

  • Get Your Legal On Your Website

  • FTC - Affiliate, Direct Sales, Bloggers

  • How to Design About Page

  • Add Legal Pages - Super simple

  • Add Legal Pages - Complete Access

  • Add Legal Pages - Other Option

  • Add Legal Pages - Site Footer and Features

  • Partner With Me Page

  • WP Blog Post Overview

  • How To Write a Blog Post That Informs and Sells

  • Video Blog Post (Vlog)

  • Podcast Blog Post

  • SEO Training for Your Posts

  • OnPage SEO

  • Image SEO (optimized for Pinterest)

  • Pinterest SEO Plugin That Rocks!

  • How Pinterest SEO Plugin Works - Step by Step

  • Complete this Checklist - Before You Publish

  • 25 Blog Ideas to get you started

  • Lead Generation - Connect Email Autoresponder

  • Create Landing Pages with Optin

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Generation with Giveaways

  • Email Marketing - What Autoresponder to Use

  • Broadcast vs Campaign

  • Make Money While You Sleep

  • Intro to Digital Marketing Automation

  • How to Set Up Automation for your digital marketing

  • Syndication